KU Football Team looses, but still playing better than Weis games.

  • We were in the game most of the way. This is the second game I’ve had a good feeling about our interim coach and the players.

  • @JayhawkRock78 dang! I want so much for coach Bowen and kids to see some success!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @JayhawkRock78 dang! I want so much for coach Bowen and kids to see some success!!

    We only trailed by 6 a lot of the game. We also had a couple of bad breaks, but is have to tell you,despite these last two losses I believe the program took a step forward with Bowen. I like the enthusiasm I see on the field and on the sidelines.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I really don’t know who could do any better at this point. Big 12 is so tough too!

  • Bowen is making his case for getting the full time job. He doesn’t have any previous head coaching experience, but his enthusiasm is obvious and it has had a huge impact on the energy the team plays with.

    I’m not all in for him yet, but I am willing to give it a shot.

  • Maybe the team is not yet winning but you can see where it is competitive. It had a chance to beat OSU (outscored OSU by 6 in the 2nd half) and stayed close at Tech (lost the 2nd half by 3 points) until close to the end. Hopefully one of these days the close games will turn into wins.

  • I am more hopeful about the last two losses than I was about the last four SEASONS.

    Something to think about, Doc Z.

  • I agree but the main reason we have looked better in the past two games is having a QB that doesn’t play like a deer in the headlights. He doesn’t look down after we lose possession. He takes the hits and bounces back up. He goes through his reads. We have some semblance of a longer passing game now which stretches the field and keeps the defenses honest. The only thing I didn’t like seeing was him throwing the ball into double coverage in the middle of the field on deep plays but that seems to be his confidence in King going up to get the ball. Keeping more possession time helps our defense from getting exhausted from being on the field most of the day. It’s all good. I love seeing our guys being competitive again. Just hope we don’t get too banged up against Baylor so that we have a solid shot at taking down ISU. Will be a true test as ISU doesn’t quit. We will have to play very well and show that same type of dogged determination to the final whistle. A little luck wouldn’t hurt us either.

  • Well I thought I was responding to the first post from JayhawkRock on this thread but it dropped my reply all the way down. Oops.

  • @eastcoasthawk : Cummings dropping the snap on the shotgun then picking it up to throw an interception killed me. I agree, his decision making needs to improve on long throws.

  • @eastcoasthawk your response always goes to bottom.

  • everybody’s response or are you taking a fun shot at ECH?

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    From LJW! Funny

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Me like Mangino.

  • @HighEliteMajor me too!

  • Mangino era is over. There has to be more than ONE GUY that can help KU be successful. I like our current staff, keep building on what they’ve started.

    At some point the donors and Zenger and the fans need to keep the same man in charge of the program as the face of the program. While I had hopes for Weis, he did make some mistakes with personnel decisions upon arrival (cut too many), then the unfortunate “pile of crap” comment directed at his own players, and the fateful decision to go with Cozart (who simply proved he is not ready). The Texas loss we simply had no chance due to the turnovers, despite having a decent defense.

    Fundamentals, and a steady “face of the program” (coach), and the kids will start to come. Clint Bowen’s enthusiasm could become infectious.

    You’re not going to get some NFL guy, nor some 5million $ SEC-caliber coach. Give Bowen a chance, as he has 19+yrs of coaching experience, he’s walked the walk, and most importantly, has served under 5 different KU coaches, both good and bad: time for Clint to apply what he thinks will work, and what wont.

  • Charlie Weiss left some mighty small shoes to fill.

  • @ralster

    I wish Bowen had some head coaching experience. Otherwise, he checks the important boxes:

    • Ties to KU or the midwest

    • desire to stay at KU long term

    • defensive minded (important in the scoring crazy Big 12

    • experience recruiting in Texas and Kansas/KC area (the most important recruiting grounds for any coach at KU)

    • enthusiasm

    • young

    Bowen hits all of those points. He turns 42 later this year, so he would be able to stay at KU for 20 years if he’s successful. Even more important, he would stay at KU for 20 years if given the opportunity. He’s worked in Texas and has been around the KU program under Mason (player), Allen (assistant), Mangino (D. Coordinator) and Weis (position coach, then D. Coordinator).

    The more I watch Bowen work with this program, the more I think he should be strongly considered for the full time job. KU needs a guy that will build the program and stay once it is built. Bowen could be that guy. I at least know he will work long and hard at it.

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  • Yet another great move by the Genius Coach Snyder.

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