US Today Sports - Toughest non-con schedule

  • As most of us already know, KU has the toughest non-con schedule this year. I like how the article points out the Self isn’t scared to take the team on the road. Take that Dukies errrr I mean Douche! We’ll see how it works out for us and prepares this young team for battle in the tourney.

    Toughest non-con schedule

  • Any recognition is good for our team, but they are only playing one true road game by choice. By that I mean, the Florida game is forced by the conference. So we are choosing to go to Colorado. The home non-conference slate isn’t bad, but it’s not like the good old days when they didn’t have all of these neutral court deals.

    I’d really like to see these coaches with the kahunas to say let’s go to UNC, or Michigan St., or Louisville, and then invite them back. Besides conference games when was the last team a very highly ranked team from outside the conference came to Lawrence? I don’t remember. UCLA was here a few years ago, Arizona too, but I don’t remember how highly they were ranked.

  • @wissoxfan83 I hear what you’re saying. I think it would be awesome to have the Champion Classic tourney setup as a home and home series. The games, fan support, and atmosphere would be awesome. When I think of this a 150 point game comes to mind.

  • Good points, wissox.

    But I’m okay with it. I’m okay with us leading the country in toughest SOS. I hope it stays that way, because it is a consideration in March when the seedings are decided. I’m like Self and feel like it helps prepare us for March, and a few early losses tend to help mature a team for an end push.

    We are likely to have an early loss (or two) regardless, better it comes at the hands of a ranked team.

    BTW: I’m not conceding anything to Duke, Florida or anyone else. I like our chances with anyone.

  • Ohio State was in Lawrence a few years ago and they were ranked 2nd in the country at the time.

  • Kirk, forgot that one.

  • Banned

    When has KU not played a strong noncon? I remember last year reading somewhere that HCBS was trying to work out a home and home with UK. It seems UK no wants no part of that.

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