Angels v Royals--Game 3

  • I hope Trout’s blast is just a one off thing. But I’m scared the Angels will find their stroke tonight. Got my fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed. Where’s my beer. (beer)

  • @brooksmd go royals!!! Chiefs and Jhawks let us down!

  • @crimsonorblue22 Royals, we’ll see your 1 and raise you 2.

  • Hosie going BIG BALL again. (beer)

  • @brooksmd these guys are having fun! Just crazy! It would be so fun to be there!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Went to a Royals game and a track and field event broke out.

  • @brooksmd said:

    @Crimsonorblue22 Went to a Royals game and a track and field event broke out.

    3 woulda been nice but I’ll take 1.

  • @globaljaybird Put the brandy down long enough to say hi.

  • @brooksmd Hey, it’s in the fridge pard, let me shag one for ya. Also the remains of our fifth of Jack Black & what’s left of a fifth of Hennessy Privelige Cognac. That may be the sm-e-uthest sipping drink I’ve ever tasted. United paidover 100 bucks for the jug at the inflated rate, Jake requested Crown Maple but was unavailable, damn the luck. Think we have about 20 oz of each. United Rentals was the vendor & his company did 7 mil in biz with them last year so they told us to take them-OK !! Just last week on the site outside of Augusta he paid 30 grand to have five 60 foot scissor lifts delivered to the site. About 10:30 I asked our server if he could have a couple of Bloody Mary’s about the time they dropped the flag & like clockwork when the Knights landed on the infield before the anthem, I raised a toast to you & the wife like I promised. Damn good day General, & the way these guys are hittiing tonight we may have to have another toast again before retiring. Again, damn the luck !!

  • CAIN DA MAN!!! (beer) (beer)

  • @brooksmd defense wins games! And speed! Fun! This is fun baseball! What a team effort!

  • @brooksmd Seems like they’re getting all the right breaks so far. He has 4 really great catches in 4 games now.

  • @globaljaybird Me and the bride appreciate the toast. Tell your son he needs 3 tickets next year. ;<) Man if that had been me with the booze and beautiful weather I’d be out for the night. Yeah the Crown Maple is good stuff. Also have a bottle of Crown Monarch 75th Anniversary my son gave me for Father’s Day. After Royals win tonite I will have some.

  • @globaljaybird @Crimsonorblue22 Can’t believe Shields still in. I was ready to yank him in the 4th when he was struggling. Looks to be a little more settled in now.

  • Love the Bud commercial with the lab. Had a tear first time I saw it.

  • @brooksmd I just told him & said he’ll work on it. I was DD today so had a couple of good shots after our garage tour during Joe Nichols concert around 11:00, a rather large & damn tasty BM with lunch, & a moderate capper around 4:00 p. Vendor also gave everyone nice camo duffles, coolers, stainless beverage cups, headware & Wingman model Leatherman’s inside the bags. We sell those at the store for right around $45 each. They called Jake with 2 tics for the Royals final reg season home game but he was in Augusta. They rented the Royals HOF for a private pregame party & dinner/cocktails & said they spent about 40 grand 0n that. Some sales guys will exaggerate but hey, I woulda went along for the ride anyway.

  • @globaljaybird Some people get the jobs with great bennies. 40 years I think I got a couple of coffee cups.

  • @brooksmd You old devil-I came pretty close the other night when I saw it. Tonight right at dusk about the 3rd inning my horse buddies across the road all started congregating in full view of our picture window as I have befriended & spoiled them. So the wife & I walked over & gave them a couple of gallons of sweet ripe pears. They’ve kinda been our fix since Woodrow’s been gone. In 40 years we have always had at least one pup or adult dog & as many as 11 at times,& we are finally talking about another friend in our home. Maybe this winter we’ll make the commitment when we have more time to devoted to one. As painful as it has been to lose our last 2 in the last 2 years, it is not an easy thing for us to do.

  • @globaljaybird I hear ya!!! So lonely w/out one!

  • Six outs to go. Somebody go wake the lady so she can get ready to sing. (note politically correct) (beer) (clap)

  • @brooksmd yanked him to soon last time!

  • Damn, Holland is money.

  • @brooksmd Two More!!

  • (clap) (clap) (clap)

  • @brooksmd Hell I thinkthey all need a raise! George is hap hap happy KKKKKKKKKK!!!

  • YEAH BABY!!!

  • Rain? I don’t feel no stinking rain.

  • HCBS in da stands.

  • @brooksmd I saw that too!!! Does he like to have fun or what ?!

  • Sweet win-I was happy they showed Bill Self happy in the crowd.

    George Brett was,REALLY HAPPY to see them win. Go Royals.

  • @globaljaybird I would’ve thought he’d be up in a special suite. Good to see him in the stands with the common folks.

  • Okay, we having network problems or am I having Charter problems?

  • @brooksmd she’s singing!!!

  • @brooksmd 👏👏👏👏👏

  • @brooksmd I hope they’re sandbagging on that fifth of whoopass, Friday is the next leg & they’ll need it. HCBS is taking first hand notes.

  • @globaljaybird do we play during late night?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @globaljaybird All I know is da Mick never wore goggles. What a bunch of wussies.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Eastern zone is an hour earlier. Likely 8:00 pm start time if I had to guess.

  • Unless they stream LN won’t make any difference for me.

  • @brooksmd Makes me think of M & M boys,Mick was a tough ass Okie like Self.

  • @globaljaybird Yeah, back in the day when KC A’s were the Yankees farm team. Used to really p*** me off the players the A’s sent to NY.

  • I’m starting to enjoy baseball, again…haven’t watched much in the last 29 yrs!

  • @globaljaybird late pm might be different!

  • @brooksmd awesome!

  • I like the stat showing Royals took season series from the O’s. Hope the guys look at it as yes we can and not as a sure thing. They need the same pitching, hustle and basic fundamentals to beat the O’s.

  • @brooksmd I can remember Howser & Mantle both playing for the A’s at Municipal. Both won rings in NY & Dick returned for glory & Calvary. 1st year the Royals played there I watched Sweet Lou Pinella play there & win rookie of the year & get traded to the Yanks the very next spring. My deceased future bro in law had sno white hair when we were 19 yrs old & he bought the beer & down in the right field GA & we helped him drink it. No one else was out there & not a soul cared cause it was like buz as usual-Yankees farm team.

  • @brooksmd I think they have a chip but not yet the feeling. Should be OK.

  • @brooksmd So how’s that Crown?!

  • @globaljaybird But Kansas had 3.2 and 18 was legal wasn’t it? Great to see the guys out inter-acting with the fans. Makes the fans happy.

  • @globaljaybird I’d love to hear more-please elaborate further.

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