ESPN - Power Rankings 5-1

  • First Power Rankings out for the year. KU #3. There is a small video about each team in the power rankings.

    Here is the link for teams 5-1.

    ESPN - Power Rankings 5-1

  • Do you think their rankings were based at all on their double header in Chicago? 1-2 and 3-4. You know ESPN will be pushing that ad nauseum for the next week!

  • Yeah most definitely has to do with that. No way we should be 3 and ahead of some of those teams at this point. I think it is all to build hype for that tourneyment.

  • Good point, wissox. ESPN is broadcasting the Champions Classic in Chicago. Might as well maximize the hype to increase viewership and ad revenue.

  • I agree with wissox and miyagi… ESPN isn’t exactly unbiased in their rankings.

    I’ve posted for more than a year now how important this “Classic” is for us to be a part of. This is the baby that some sports outlets (like ESPN) are using to separate the top blue bloods from the pack. Our recent acceptance as one of the top 4 programs has everything to do with Self and his conference winning streak of 9. I give CS a lot of credit for how he’s built Kansas basketball since his arrival. It isn’t all just about how many NC’s you pile up (but obviously it helps). If it was the only factor, we’d fall behind UCONN for their most-recent pile of 3 versus our 2. They are nowhere in a conversation when compared to KU.

  • I’ve seen KU ranked anywhere from 3 to 6 on different sites. It doesn’t really matter, KU will have to earn it with the non-con they have this season. I don’t necessarily care about their rank early, but more about how the freshman and other players are developing.

  • Man, actually I have that exact line up as my way to early final four prediction.

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