This dang BIG- - - -SEC - - BIG 12 all kind of twists and turns

  • WOW that’s all I can say is right now is WOW.- - -So as you all probably know by now i that the ACC will be imploding and now sounding more like sooner then later, they may try to rebuild with other Schools after but many of the existing will leave. The or one of the Big reasons was all started- -By Florida State wanting out - - Then Clemson wanted out - Now North Carolina looks like in the end will be gone.

    Well for the longest time it was highly speculated that the BIG would be the landing spot for Florida St, but Clemson was iffy. - -More talk about them to the SEC - Well lately and report since around May 23rd per reports is that the BIG is going to take their time and be very patient and wait and see , not really wanting Florida State so much, word is that the BIG main target is North Carolina so talk shifted by some that Florida State and Clemson would probably land in the SEC - -well hearing that the SEC doesn’t really want Florida St- -they too looking to add N Carolina & Virginia.

    Now reports coming out from Ross Dellenger , and Josh Pate and others that Yormork stated that the Big 12 2 years later is still open for business They saying now there ha been third party talks behind the scenes with the Big 1 and Florida State. The question become can the Big 1 come up with enough resources to entice Florida State and or Clemon both to join the Big 12 - -which they think the answer is yes they could fr , and other. from private equities The benefit from FSY & Clemson would be really good -adding big name brands to the Conference would only help solidify the Big12 that much more for sure.

    Fully understand this probably wouldn’t be a long term thing maybe three years a at the first time of the BIG or SEC offer to Florida St they would be gone, but the money they could add while they are here would be hard to ignore with them and Clemson- - It is looking like it’s pretty much a done deal that ESPN will choose not to extend their contract with th ACC in 2027 so there is i that adding to the ACC demise.

    Other Schools that have been mentioned a lot coming to the BIG 12 that we pick up are Louisville- -be a good add Pii - Virginia Tech and NC State - in the end it’ going to end up in Super Conferences anyways - -looking like Big 1 going to probably land with 20 teams -hold on to your butts - -this thing is FAR from over

    Edited - -Oh ya one thing I forgot to mention also was still a lot of chatter that if the SEC does end up going to 20 teams that there is that posiility that KU would be invited to the SEC along with hopefully N Carolina and Virginia

  • Order of what I’d like:

    1. sec
    2. big 10
    3. big 12 if it stays a float which is sounds like it is and Yormark is the business man for the job

    I don’t want it to be a two conference race and we are the step child though so if that’s the case bail to the sec immediately

  • I’d like to see every team as an independent. F conferences.

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