Another Nail put in ACC coffin /Expansion

  • Well another suit on the ACC , bringing us one step closer to the ACC’S implosion. Clemson has now joined in with Florida State. FSU is now not on the island alone. Lot’s of talk about the ACC magnificent 7 talking again about their possibilities.

    Clemson has been talking and finding out their brand value and have found someone or someone’s who have told them their value is good. – They have that landing spot. Part of their lawsuit on the ACC is that the ACC does not have rights to their money after they leave the league, also saying they their exits fee’s is out of proportion and not paying. example is like Big 12’s averages out to like 80 million - -SEC is like 40-50 million- - -BIG’s is little to nothing - - ACC is trying for 140 million

    The talk is the magnificent 7 FS U , Clemson , Miami , N Carol , Virginia Tech , Virginia , NC St have been having outside talks finding their value talking with others-- -plain nd simple FSU - - is GONE - - Clemson is - -GONE.

    With the way the current CFP is set Florida St and Clemson and others in the ACC realize that the money distributed between the Conferences the BIG & SEC - then the ACC , -Big 12 - is that they are losing even more ground, So their only answer is to get out of the ACC.

    Two big dates to keep in mind is- - like June 30th of this yr - -and I think they said the 17th of Feb. next year - -June 30th is decision needs to be made before Stanford and Cal and SMU’s vote counts -And Feb 17th not 100 % sure on that day but that’s when ESPN I think can extend their tv contract with the ACC and general thought is that ESPN is not going to renew that contract then they would be even more behind in revenue.

    Next to join Florida St & Clemson - -looks like N Carolina is next up on the clock - -probably soon, all this just meaning closer to expansion and Ku taking teams, most probable would be Louisville, Pitt , NC ST and possibly Virg Tech - looking probably 2026 --gonna giet real interesting

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