The Ladies cruise tonight

  • The Ladies continued playing better tonight.–Winning their 4th straight & their 5th out of their last 6 - -Yet they still going to have to really work to make the tourney because of play early , now THEY DID have the 3rd toughest Non Con in the Nation but also started out at 0-3 in league which didn’t help - -and a lot of that is because of Coach sad to say - since that start they have went 7-3 , was picked third in prseason.

    Tonight T Jackson got her 38 career double double with 18 points- -13 rebounds - - * 6 blocks, she is a fire plug , got a little nasty in her, a little temper which gets her in trouble some times-- likes to talk smack some , but if you can back it up I guess a little is ok. -Holly Kirksgeiter scored 23 points- - - Mya Nicols our leading scorer on the Season got 14- she is our little 5 star out of Kansas City a freshman -and Wyette Mayberry finished with 10 points - - Good job Ladies- - now 7-6 in League and 14-10 on the year but playing better

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