Found this , pretty solid words , makes sense.

  • Let’s take a minute , let this sink in , this statement is solid, you can try and twist it around anyway you want but bottom line it’s 100. - -You know we bitch , * whine , moan , cuss , rant , rave, pout, talk how lousy we are, wonder what the hell is wrong – then I read this, makes things plain and simple really. Saw this quote from Myron Medcalf: -it was :

    Dajuan Harris playing on one leg - - -Kevin McCullar your top Scorer out ,- - --Hunter Dickinson in foul trouble , - -Furphy struggling , - -not playing at 100 % - - -and you STILL leave that building with a top 15 win. - -THAT right there pretty much says it all - -we are so spoiled wanting perfection it’s insane. Just think of how many fan bases would kill to have one of our multiple winning Seasons and what we accomplish. Why do we think we ARE the game of the year every where we go ? - -Places where they are lucky to even come close to having their gyms half full AND YET when KU comes it’s packed to the rafters – loud & crazy as hell special promotions for our game. - -White outs - - Blackouts - - whatever they can come up with to fill the place when they play KU. - -and yet we bitch when the guys struggle - - hmmmm, Then I see Myron’s statement and think- - -DAM we are spoiled - kids can’t win when they play under our microscope -so much pressure. - -Think about this - - check this out:

    Coach Self is now FIFTY -ONE & NINE in games decided by FIVE points or less when playing in the Phog - --FIFTY ONE & NINE ! ! -Do we realize how many fan bases would give their left arm for that kind of record.

    Another tid bit : - - During the last 120 minutes of Basket ball being played in the Phog - KU has led for 116:32 seconds - - 116: 32 out of 120 minutes ! ! ! and yet we have people ready to jump of the cliff cause it’s not good enough - -Holy Shit - -Spoiled - - just down right fricken spoiled - -Things will be ok , we can’t win every single Big 12 Championship - - We can’t win every NCAA Championship - -your just gonna have a off year once in awhile - -kids get hurt - - some don’t live up to their billing - - - others just have off year-- things happen-- and yet here we are even with the way we have played - -INCONSISTENT , terrible on the road , no bench to speak of , - and were STILL- - - - 19 - 5 - on the verge of our what how many consecutive years of 20 plus wins on the Season with all that we have just got to learn - - understand well at least some of us do maybe not all of us – but like has been said - - JUST -R - -E- -L- -A -X it’s going to be ok - - -ROCK CHALK

  • It really says a lot that we beat Scott Drew w/out Kevin! Then there’s the flu factor and Juan’s ankle!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Found this , pretty solid words , makes sense.:

    It really says a lot that we beat Scott Drew w/out Kevin! Then there’s the flu factor and Juan’s ankle!

    Yes it does a really scrappy bunch

  • Scott Drew has a mental block in Allen Fieldhouse.

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