Cyclone alert today

  • Well another tough road test today, They are trying to do a whiteout , been passing burgers and hotdogs to the students, hell that’s almost like a weekly thing here isn’t it lol ? I’ve grown a real dis like of Cyclone fans. They are trying to get fans who sit behind KU Bench to act like they have their phones and stealing KU signs, - -Geez whatever it takes I guess.

    I would like to see KU just come out and play a really solid game from start to finish and shut people up. - Juan has to be solid, control the ball better , more like the old Juan. Hunter needs to dominate although we know they will double/triple , hack , flop whatever be ready for physical - -Gonna be loud- stay focused , put they can go through scoring droughts too, not that impressive on offense, don’t want a very average 3 point shooting team come out and hit 57 % from the three like WV did. Le’ts not make these guys any better then they are. Let’s put these idiots back in their place. - -ROCK CHALK

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