Jeremy Case

  • I was reading an old LJW article from 2008 and found this in it

    "Self consults Case: Self believes Jeremy Case will be a great coach someday. Self has helped prepare him, seeking Case’s input during a stoppage of play in the Davidson game.

    “I asked him the other day against Davidson during a timeout, ‘Hey, Jeremy, what do you think?’ Of course it (reply) was, ‘Uh, uh,”’ Self joked. “Actually, he said, ‘Coach we’re fine.’ I do trust to ask Jeremy what’s going on. He does have a different insight.”

    Case admits he was a bit surprised Self turned to him during the timeout.

    “He looked at me, ‘Jeremy what do you think?’ I said, ‘We’re OK,”’ Case said. “He wanted my insight. I thought we were going to be OK.”

    As far as where Case will coach next year, Case said: “I’ll wait until after the season and see what my options are, what happens.”"

    Pretty cool, and neat that we have come full circle on it now with him being back at KU.

  • @BShark

    I hope he’s here for a long time

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