Man what was Juwan thinking

  • Mercy blowin up on media, being talked about. Juwan Howard Michigan Coach-- -Maybe not for long lol. They are now 6-9 on the year , have lost 4 in a row and 8-10. they lost to McNeese State.

    So Juwan tell us- - - -what the hell you doing?- -They had their game against Penn State at the Palestra - So what’s Juwan do ? - -Well Penn St has Phil Martelli’s Son, or he has a friend that’s an asst coach for Penn St And Martelli is a legend back there - So Juwan decides you know what? - -Phil I’m not going to Coach tonight - - Your going to be the head Coach for this game - -OMG

    People in Michigan about ready to lose their minds like-- -what the hell you doing ? -We are paying you 30 Million to Coach this team , and you have just lost 8-10 --your 6-9 on the year , w have lost to McNeese, they are horrible they said. - -Alum’s are like who is running this team ? -We paying him all this money an he just decides he is not going to Coach in this game. Thought it would be cool to have Phil Coach this game- - OMG that’s insane. - Who is in control of this program ? lol - --wouldn’t be surprised at all - -wll just watch. This team use to be a dam good program and mercy they bad now.

  • No one is noticing because of the football team.

  • I think Hunter is happy he left what a shit show

  • @wissox said in Man what was Juwan thinking:

    No one is noticing because of the football team.

    True that’s been siad, , but like they also now that football is over these donors , will come over slide into their comfy chairs and say what the hell is going on? - -Where is my money going to. Juwan has lost it.

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