Christmas Stories

  • I’m ashamed to admit that, generally speaking I’ve been a bit of a scrooge at Christmas over the years. I have no reason, I’m very blessed. But I’ve really made an effort the past few years to be more upbeat and positive.

    One thing that has helped is actively looking for good things. I would love to hear your Christmas story. What’s the best present you’ve ever given /received? Maybe a Christmas reunion with family or friends? A travel story that turned out well.

    I’m SUPER excited to give one gift this year. My son, who is very musically inclined, just started playing guitar this year.

    Three years ago my wife and I saw Carlos Santana in concert at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. A few days later a friend of mine showed up with an envelope. She has a relative who works at the House of Blues and had asked her to grab a little souvenir for me because she knows I have a thing for Santana.

    It was a guitar pic that he used the night we were there! (I know, but it’s a big deal to me)

    My son and I saw Santana the next year in KC and he loved them too.

    I always address my presents in a silly way, like "from Donald Trump " or something absurd. This year I have it signed "from Carlos Santana ". And it is!!

  • I’ve found it’s always better to give than receive. Once you fully embrace that basic principal you will have much happiness. Seeing the culmination of anticipation and thoughtfulness intersect is a blast (even when it’s a spectacular failure). It’s the little things that matter - eye contact when speaking to a cashier, telling the delivery man thanks, being kind to the overworked postal carrier, being understanding when things take longer than expected - these things all make the other person feel better, but it really makes you feel better too. The Golden Rule isn’t for others, it’s for your own wellbeing I’ve found.

  • @dylans Yes! Great reminders. In similar fashion, if you’re ticked off at someone (hate, even?) it is imperative to forgive them. It’s a little gift for them - even if they don’t care - but it really helps to bring you peace.

  • @nuleafjhawk you can never have hate in you. It gives those people power over you. Better to forgive them and move on.

  • It’s been fun as we work into our 60’s and have some extra that we are able to give our millenial kids generous Christmas checks. They appreciate it a lot of course.

    As a kid I eyed the large box under the tree that was the electric football game that I was just dying to get. I opened it up and, uh, that doesn’t look like a football game. It’s a train set. Can’t even remember the gauge, but it’s still in a box in the basement somewhere 50 years later. If it had been that dumb football game it’d have been tossed in the trash within years!

  • @wissox if it’s a Lionel brand, you can send large checks to ALL of us!

    I watch Antiques Roadshow!

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