The National Rankings ,coming out

  • National rankings come out later. I will probably catch some flack , but I’ll say I would be perfectly fine if we stay right where we were at last week at 2nd if that happens. I know for some people it makes them all warm and fuzzy if their team is # 1 ,I suppose gives some people cause to thump their chest. yet for me being # 1 at the end of the year is what REALLY matters.

    If we did move up like a lot of times happens ,then so be it that’s fine but in reality do you really think at this point and time we are really the # 1 team in the Nation ? - -I don’t - - -I think realistically Purdue should be # 1 again, I think There is still a valid argument that Arizona should still be # 1 before us at this particular point and time ,I think U Conn could argue about # 1

    Purdue is the obvious choice as of today I think , they are higher in just about everything over us - -They have five quad one wins ,they are second across the board in efficiency Board & Resume Metric

    While KU is # 10 in Kenpom - -# 12 in the BPI- --& # 16 in Net – just feel Purdue should be above us as of today. - -As of today not sure if we would beat U Conn if they would of been full capacity. Had their stud out and they had another player , playing on a bad foot through the game – makes a difference - -nothing wrong being 2nd a of today , I’m fine right where we are right now ,just think that’s where we belong

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