Holy Smokes -crazy, crazy going on's in Manhattan

  • Holy Bat shit. People making quotes around Manhattan saying this has been the craziest 24 hours that they can remember. - All kinds of crazy going on.

    First : - -Colin Klien takes the OC job at A & M - - -then you have rumor/people just worried to death that Avey Johnson wants to follow him /or will follow him to A & M. - I know Farmer said he thought or he would be very surprised if he did - - -BUT many , many of their fan base is worried that A7M has that massive NIL and will throw it at Avery and he will leave.

    Then now you have this : -As we know have heard/found out the Tomlin from the K/State Basketball team was in a fight in Aggieville the night of K/State TCU football game.

    He was consequently suspended indefinitely by Coach Tang. - -Well since that time Tomlin I guess has been doing everything he needed so he could rejoin the team - - He is going through a diverson, abiding , doing what he needs to do so he can re-join - - Coach Tng is in favor of him coming back , The A D is saying it’s time for him to come back, - -I guess the student section was chanting at the game last night - -Release Tomlin - - Release Toming - sounds good right ? - - Everything Peachy right ?

    Well - - - --NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS , - -I guess the K/State President is saying - - ummm not so fast , I’m stepping in and want him still suspended - --OMG going ove Coach Tang and the AD and saying not yet. - -Tang is hot- - pretty much pulling a power play a guy in the know with K/State said Tang pretty much saying it’s either President Linton - - or me.- - They saying Linton is over steppping his ground that College President’s come a dime a dozen. - - jumpin - -gee – hossie - -toads. - -Protests going on at the Presidents home - -wooaaaa - not good times in the little Apple- - -ROCK CHALK

  • @jayballer67 I hope the whole team leaves - football and basketball - and they go back to sucking like they did in the 60’s and 70’s.

    But I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  • They talking about a possible Student walkout at K/Sate. – Boy on John Kurtz a K/State guy is Pissed and saying this didn’t have to happen, and they ar really feeling Tang may quit/leave. - -Kurtz was saying he couldn’t update anything after it was final about Tomlin - -BUT earlier today before the finality – said the Tension was really high. I guess a lot of Big time people in conversation with Linton the President. You would think the BOR would ovreride anything the President had to say

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