K J with some love

  • Was listening to a basketball podcast I frequent quite often, It’s on U tube , and it’s called the field of 68 - I like it they cover just about any topic and any team or teams, - -They was full of Compliments of KU after their win over U Conn. One of them is I think it’s Goodman - -you all know him but has some pretty good input.

    They are really high on K J - -talking aout he is just a beast talking about how good he is defensively, - -being able to guard 1-4 -lots of love for K J , they talked extensively about K J about time he got a little love. They also said how Ku is just so tough on the defensive end saying KU had THREEE elite defenders and can make thing really hard on opposition when locked in. - You all get a chance check them out some time. - -ROCK CHALK

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