Gale Sayers

  • I’m watching an old episode of Antiques Roadshow. A guy brought in a 1969-1970 Chicago Bears jersey that was Gale’s. He said his wife wanted to tear it up into rags. The A.R. guy lost his mind. Went on and on about the Kansas Comet. He said he was the youngest man ever elected into the NFL Hall of Fame (I didn’t know that!)

    Anyway, he projected the value of the jersey to be $25,000 - $30,000.

    Good stuff.

  • I never get tired of watching his highlights. Dude was incredible and usually on mud.

    Edit: whatever youtube, you suck… Internet is going to hell. Check his highlights out on Youtube.

  • @nuleafjhawk Careers cut short of players who may have been the GOAT in their sport. Gale Sayers and Sandy Koufax. Sadly we’ll not really know, but it’s hard to argue against them.

  • @wissox add Bo Jackson to your list.

    I always wonder what Danny could’ve done in the NBA with healthy knees.

  • Shoutout Speed, Kansas!

  • @DanR I can’t see the video, but I think I know what it’s about. The guy was unbelievable. He made moves that couldn’t be made. Phenomenal. If he had played in this Era, with our technology he would have missed a few weeks and been right back at it.

  • @dylans Yes, too bad we missed out on a full career of Bo.

  • Just give him 18 inches of daylight, dude could’ve been the Goat had injuries not derailed his career. Gale and Barry imo are the best guys to watch highlights of.

  • @kjayhawks Have you ever watch Dick “Night Train” Lane highlights? I know it’s defense, but good grief those clothesline tackles and ball hawking skills were amazing.

  • Baseball has probably the best names. Three Fingers Brown. The Big Train (Kansas boy), The Scooter, Mudcat Grant, Stan The Man, Joltin Joe, The Splendid Splinter, Satchel.

  • @Zabudda Football has quite a few good ones too! (I googled them - I ain’t that smart)

    Golden Boy - Paul Hornung

    Fred “The Hammer” Williamson

    Diesel - John Riggins

    Dante Hall - The Human Joystick

    Gale Sayers - The Kansas Comet

    Daryl Lamonica - The Mad Bomber

    Bullet Bob Hayes

    Iron Mike Ditka

    Lou “The Toe” Groza

    Mean Joe Greene

    Christian Okoye - The Nigerian Nightmare

    Dick “Night Train” Lane

    Red Grange - The Galloping Ghost

    Reggie White - The Minister of Defense

    Crazy Legs Hirsch

    Broadway Joe Namath

  • The Round Mound of Rebound…Chocolate Thunder…The Microwave…

    Sometimes entire units get nicknamed like the Steelers Steel Curtain which is absolutely brilliant.

    More baseball The Human Rain Delay…Mike Hargrove I think. Rabbit Marranville, The Big Hurt Frank Thomas, Freddie Boom Boom Washington (oh wait, he’s a sweathog!)

  • @wissox

    From wikipedia, lol:

    Hargrove also attained the nickname “The Human Rain Delay” for his deliberate routine at the plate before each at-bat and before each pitch. He irritated pitchers by stepping out of the batter’s box after each pitch and starting his routine, which consisted of (1) adjusting his helmet, (2) adjusting his batting glove, making sure it was tight on his hand and especially the thumb, (3) pulling each sleeve on his uniform up about an inch, and (4) wiping each hand on his uniform pants – and then sometimes repeating the whole process again – before finally settling back into the box. Towards the end of his career this trait was very well known and often commented upon by broadcasters. Adding further to his “Human Rain Delay” moniker was his extremely fine bat control, which allowed him to foul off countless pitches.

  • I think a kicker monikered as The Toe and a player named The Man make me think, okay who’s next after these two? I wish we had Hargrove facing Don Drysdale or Bob Gibson.

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