My Crystal Ball

  • The Chiefs go into the abyss for another 50 years. I will be able to attend the 11:00am church service and not look at my watch once.

    Mahomes will be part owner of every business and sports team in the free world. His face will be on every piece of printed and minted money.

    Travis and Taylor will be married (briefly) and have triplets. The doctor won’t let Travis participate in the birth because he would drop two of the three babies.

    I will never stay up late again unless KU is playing.

  • Fans are funny. Game day chat really reveals the complete lack of confidence in themselves and their team as every insecurity they have is laid bare at the foot of bball/football teams. I used to think it was about the team and I might learn something about scheme, plays, personnel, coaching that was leading to the problems we see. Instead all I hear fan insecurity even after rooting for a championship team. Unless the team crushes your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women in the first quarter then all hope is lost. lol. Enjoy the ride! it all ends the same for all of us a nice dirt nap.

  • @dylans For me, a fiery ride… No, not that torment place! We don’t bury…

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