Is there still time to be in "Dream Mode"?

  • Ok, I just started posting this weekend and so I’m trying to play catch-up on some topics that most of you have already discussed. So thanks to all of you for allowing this and engaging with me.

    I believe it was last week when @drgnslayr said this is the time to be in dream mode and that inspired me.

    Now a lot has been made about playing style. Playing small, playing tall, playing fast, playing “methodical”, etc. Well, what if we can do it all whenever we want to. And here is the real kicker…what if we can do all of that at the same time no matter who is on the floor!

    This idea came to me when I was thinking about the dreaded KU weave at the top of the key. Imagine running that play with some players fast, some players slow. The fast guys being methodical, the methodical guys turning the corner and making something happen. Imagine trying to defend that. Even if they switch everything. Imagine guarding Svi moving at just a steady pace, then picking up crazy fast Frank! Then, if you survived that, switch again to CF who causes you to overplay as he takes a dribble, side steps and drains a 3 while you’re in the stands three row deep! Now by the end of the game, you’ve had to fight this dreaded weave so much you have no idea who you’re guarding anymore. And the next time you crawl out of the stands from three rows deep, you look up to see Wayne or Oubre driving to the lane and your only big teammate picking up his 5 foul trying to stop him. Then you think, “Oh yeah, that’s who I was supposed to be guarding!”. 🙂

    Oh yes, bigs hitting the trey, guards finding success at the rim! Super athletic leapers throwing lobs to a couple of guys who were hiding all summer in tournaments around the country and the world! Moles dribbling anywhere they want to go, inbounding the ball and scoring at the other end with every player touching the ball and the ball never touching the floor! Big Cliff stealing the ball at the top of the key and going the other way for a dunk, Frank having a triple double involving rebounds and blocks!

    Just imagine!

    Ok, back to reality. Let’s get serious now.

  • Oh wait, I forgot to mention…

    Imagine playing fast, going 10 deep on the bench, and having no one “nicked up”, in need of surgery, in walking boots, or wearing quilted pillows on their knees!

    And yes, I stole that from @jaybate-1.0!

    Ok NOW back to reality.

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