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  • Heard this morning on the radio from a reporter that Bill Self is looking slim and trim. Also that he had broken a few ribs a couple of weeks ago. Apparently it happened playing around with grandkids? After last year, I’m really hoping we have a full health team AND a full health coach to give us the best chances to put another national championship trophy in our case.

  • We arent cutting nets without Bill. Get well, young man!

  • This was on CBS Sports this morning!!! I didn’t know about the broken ribs!!!

    That’s a reference not so much about the recently concluded NCAA case against the Jayhawks or the health scare involving his heart last spring but also a recent run-in with his two grandchildren, ages 5 and 3. Chasing them around Allen Fieldhouse prior to the annual Late Night in The Phog preseason festivities earlier this month, the Jayhawks’ coach fell and broke two ribs.

    “I don’t think broken ribs are minor … probably the least athletic move of my life,” Self joked. “Certainly the definition of feeling old.”

  • He looked skinnier at the big 12 media day. His face wasn’t red either. We’ll wait until the first game for the red face to return.

  • This post is deleted!

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