Expansion heating up again. BIG/SEC

  • Hey buddy Farmer , I know last time I brought this up you just said absolute no interest in Big 12. - So yes you were right and looks like you friends were telling you correct - -No interest in Big 12 what so ever.

    Well looks like we are finding out why. According to multiple sources valid /reliable sources - -not click bait , sever solid SEC sources saying that there are FOUR schools looking to break away from the ACC Multiple Sources now reporting - -could be coming as early as October Clemson Stating they might have a statement. - The four Schools that have a dislike for the ACC because of the media deals Clemson - - -Florida State - - UNC - - -& Virginia. - Talking about going to either BIG or SEC as a block of four , so you was right no BIG 12

    I’ve seen Three so far reports from different place since coming out today - way to much Smoke , looks like this is the beginning of the end for the ACC. -Those Schools leave they in Big trouble, I think chances are in time with the implosion and it IS going to happen you can take it to the bank the ACC is the next Conference to bite the bullet. Again they want THREE Mega Conferences - -the BIG – The SEC - -& The Big 12. Sources say they think these Schools have found a way to get around this dam GOR that runs till 2036, so guess we can sit back and watch it all unfold right before our eyes

    If and when this happens and like the Statement from Clemson says could be in October , I think Yormork and the Big 12 has a solid shot for Lousville - -Pitt - - NC State - - & Virginia Tech

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