Marching band

  • I’m an alumni of the KU marching band. I know several alumni members, including myself, that are annoyed by the recent band directors decision to not wear uniforms for the first 1/3rd of the season. This has been going on for several years….The excuse is always that it is too hot or that they do not have enough uniforms to start the season. It was 81 degrees tonight, prime time TV and we are in shorts and polos. This has been a recent trend. When I was there we never did not wear the uniform for pregame and the half time show! Every high school band in the city wore uniforms tonight. KU football is taking the next step and the band needs to look the part on national TV. If anyone on here is a big time donor or has connections with the athletic department, spread the word and get some pressure on the band department to stop this lack of pride. Thanks!

  • I’ve always loved the band. Such a great tradition. Cooler weather is on the way, so I would expect the band to back in their appropriate uniforms. RC

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