I Am Second

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    I’m going to give you folks a link to a story (maybe someone can really link it because I don’t quite get how to do that…). Many of you will think it’s not appropriate. It has Nothing to do with sports. But it’s a story about a local businessman in Kansas City, and to me, it’s an amazing story.

    If it makes a difference to at least one person, that will give me great joy. And I completely understand, in our society today, if it’s deemed not proper for this site and it disappears - well, I tried.

    If any of you have 10 minutes sometime today, I’d at least be interested in what you think of this video. Please give it at least two minutes…


  • @nuleafjhawk “Been There” — “Done That !!” It is an Awesome feeling to know who one will spend eternity with!

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