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    Trash article

    Boy you can say that again

  • @BShark I read it earlier today and it really threw me. Can anybody help me out?

  • I think the cuts were going to happen regardless of this project. I can’t imagine the whole school can’t see how the success of the fb program brings success to KU and Lawrence!

  • I’m so sick and tired of fair weather people. - For the majrity the Univrsity nd fans have been complaining how rash the stadium was/is. We had seems multiple times efforts or so called efforts gossip about possible upgrades.

    The fans wanting a respectable football program , instead of laughing stock of the nation. - -A total do over of Booth has been needed in the worst way. - - Now we finally gt a Coach who is invested in the program but also stetting time tables for up grades - people bitching before - -and people bitching now. Where was these people when all these other parts of the University needed re-do’s - -why didn’t w hear more then ?

    I don’t claim to be any Einstein on these things, quite possibly ore then likely they do need repair - -but why have to waited to voice heir dis pleasure so publicly now ?

    Here is the bottom line we are on the cusp of having again a very respectable football program tat if indeed turns out will draw a lot of revenue , the plans that have been put out hsa multi facet things that can and will help the University.- -In order to obtain this YES remodel booth is a must and that takes money, which sure seems like the plan is in place to obtain the goal.

    The broader overall scheme is to have a better program which will make money in return, but remodel is all part of it. you want to attract bette athletes - -then you have to keep up with the Jone’s with your facilities that takes MONEY.

    Coach L has put stipulations - -pretty much demanding upgrades - -which I back 100 times over, plain and simple if this renovation gets shut down Leipold walks - -then we once again will be wollering in non existence - let’s just do away with fotball for good - don’t worry about the money this thing could ake in the future - -get it in your little pumpkin heads it’s going to help more then just football

    This fricken article does NO GOOD for anyone but these fricken whiners who no matter what are not happy. -I’m to the point where fine lets’ just keep the same ol piece of crap stadium we got now - -shut football down - Let coach walk and go to a University that appreciates what he is trying to do - -not for just football but for the University as a while – let’s wave good bye to him become an idependent University and then listen to people bitch about not being relevant to any fricken thing - I am so fricken so dam tired of chronic bitchers never happy Tings take Money - -NOTHING IS FREE. - I’d be really interested to find out how strongly these people were about Money before this came up - probably not very much just want to sit back bitch , cry, moan , complain - -GOD it must suck to be so miserable - this NEEDS TO BE DONE - I back the Football program - the athletic department as a whole - - I hope Coach just walks -screw it you want quality football - you have to sacrifice things - - -have to be willing to commit. - -I’m sure there are ways for money to be received for these other buildings - anything is possible

  • They’d have a point if this was purely an EcoDevo project. Those big incentive deals that you see in the paper are almost always fleecing the state or local government that provided the package. Like the Panasonic deal in DeSoto essentially puts them on the state teet forever. Most publicly funded stadiums are very bad deals for their communities.

    Buuuuuut their article doesn’t make any sense. The whole point of premium seating is to generate outside investment in the university. No local funds are going to the project. I frankly don’t care that coal and gas power the university. It’s cheap and dependable. That area of town needs some development, and if rumored things come to pass (a KU Med clinic, additional academic space) then the student body will benefit. I’m not sure it’ll drive any new enrollment directly, but if the result is we keep this staff together, recruit better, and sell the joint out every will that will increase enrollment at a time where KU needs more students. And is especially advantageous given the real struggles of the regional Regents schools plus that random JuCo in Manhattan.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Kansan article:

    I think the cuts were going to happen regardless of this project. I can’t imagine the whole school can’t see how the success of the fb program brings success to KU and Lawrence!

    your right . - The success of the football program will generate revenue - -as we all know or been told its football that is the revenue making sport - this project has no bearing on the cuts , like you said it just amazes me these people -Coach see it’s the one’s who is funding the project understands the importance of it and how it will benefit us - -if not then they wouldn’t of backed the project

  • The part of the article thst concerns me is if it is true that the entire project has not included any discussion with the neighborhood. Perhaps some dialog can be stimulated to avoid or minimize potential disruption issues. I have lived in an area that underwent substantial redevelopment. The spillover of equipment-caused damage to neighboring properties, traffic diverted without warning, and mountains of trash, were always minimized in their predictions but not addressed at all once groundbreaking occured.

  • In every university, there will always be voices that dislikes all things sports related. They resent the attention sports receives, and are generally against anything that progresses them. I remember having a professor in Latin that would go on and on about how sports should be eliminated at KU, how the university could take that money and enhance education, facilities, etc. So this isn’t earth shattering to me. The good news is we’ll win the battle in the end.

  • Reads like someone with zero life experience wrote the article.

  • @dylans said in Kansan article:

    Reads like someone with zero life experience wrote the article.

    “Eddie Church, Jack Shaw and Joel Campbell are members of Sunrise Movement KU, a climate-focused political group.”

    Yep, hit the nail on the head lol

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