Seen these thought it would help pass time - Texas Tech funnies

  • Well as we know or guess we have showed some interest and he has showed back Jaylon Tyson. - some comical posts from some Tech fans makes a guy laugh

    1 - -KU poaching , funny all of a sudden KU goes after our guys in the portal. - Just sounds fishy to me LMAO

    ( UMMM PSST. little FYI - -inside you might not be aware of. IF he is in the portal the he IS NOT YOUR GUY anymore lol )

    2 If this happens again then the NCAA needs to put a rule in that players must sit a year if the transfer within conference. Very un fair to a school like Tech to develop a player just for a Blue blood to snatch when they enter their prime years.

    & # 3 : AWESOME , KU can just take our best player ever year - -LMAO ( let me say this one more time. I’ll say it slowly - If he is in the portal he is not your player anymore - -well pretty good chance they won’t be back anyways

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