KU football live blog is up ...

  • WHO Cares ???

    Haven’t YOU heard that KU is a “BASKETBALL” College !!! On to that subject … Basketball !!! Ya !! Ya !!

  • @RedRooster you’ve made it clear your feelings about it, but please don’t discourage others from talking about the other sport, whatever it’s called.

  • @Jesse-Newell Thanks for sharing the link, Jesse; I eavesdropped for a little bit early, before it became less than a blowout.

  • @approxinfinity Yes, It seemed to me that the team lost it’s spark about the same time that the crowd left.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Hard to tell from the choppy broadcast I watched and broadcasts normally do not show empty stands. This photo from the KU Athletic site seems to show a fair amount of people fairly late in the game; a lot more than on previous years where the stands were empty at that stage of the game.

    Also, looking at the photo was the first time I notice the track was gone…so much for that.

    KU Stadium.JPG

  • Now, compared to what Arrowhead looked towards the end of the Chief’s game this is packed. The only people left at Arrowhead were the player’s families.; pretty embarrassing.

  • Wow… a picture is worth a thousand words… That does look different.

    Interesting to see how far spectators are from the field. That will be the next thing that people complain about… and the solution won’t be as simple as tearing out a track.

  • And again this week

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