2023 MLB Season - Royals

  • @Kcmatt7 exactly. Makes a lot of sense for both sides if Nashville doesn’t work out.

  • Royals are 6-21, I was expecting much better.

    These guys are really struggling, can they learn and grow?

    What about the new manager, is he too nice of a guy?

  • Yikes they’re ridiculously bad. I thought they hired Tampa bays old coach not the marlins. 😱 Rough.

  • Royals won 3-2 today, now 7-21

  • Singer has been a major disappointment.

    He missed valuable innings build up prior to start of the season by getting into US roster but did not get to pitch much in the tournament.

    But still, he does not have same control he possessed last year.

  • We will be paying for Dayton’s sins for another 2-3 years. They need to find a way to field a competitive team by 2025 though if they want the downtown stadium dream to come true. People will not pay for it for a 100-game perennial loser.

  • Witt has been awesome since All Star break, he has a shot to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases.

    Pitching continues to be awful.

  • Ragans seems to be an exception on trades made by Royals in recent history in that it is looking promising, he has good stuff and solid control.

  • Witt jr only needs 3 more hr for a 30/30 season.

    Edit - 2 hrs to go

  • Ragans won AL pitcher of the month award for Aug and he pitched another gem last night.

    He is emerging as Royals ace.

  • What a story Ragans is. Under team control for 4 more seasons too.

    Too bad the Royals have no minor league system and those 4 seasons will end up being a waste and we’ll trade him his age 29 season for scraps. They should really consider trying to trade him at the deadline next season if he has a 1st half resembling anything like the way he has pitched so far for us.

    I hope they actually clean house in the front office in a month.

  • Balk off last night. Sox sinking to new lows.

  • @wissox I feel your agony and pain.

  • @AsadZ Thanks, this season has been my worst as a Sox fan, and yet somehow we’re probably finishing ahead of the Royals in the standings.

  • @wissox Losing the draft too, I see.

  • @dylans Sox don’t know how to draft so no loss there.

  • @wissox wild game last night

    Vaughn is a good hitter

  • @AsadZ Yeah I like Vaughn, wild game to come back from 0-9, tie and then cough it up right away.

  • Vasquez has been another nice trade get for Royals; in small sample size he has already hit 12 HRs

  • @AsadZ The initial reaction at the trade deadline by the media/twitter was clearly a massive overreaction…

    Royals won at the deadline, period. Even if Ragans and Vasquez regress next year they already showed what the Royals Front Office saw when they made the trade. I don’t think you can take that away from them at this point.

    Looking at this from a positive standpoint:

    1. Vinnie will be back in 2024.
    2. The outfield of Olivares, Velasquez and Melendez can hit the ball.
    3. Fermin will be back in 24, meaning Salvy/Vinnie can rotate 1B.

    From a negative:

    1. Absolutely no pitching on this team outside of Ragans. None.
    2. 3B is a huge weak spot for this team. Garcia is not the answer.

    Ultimately I think the bats are good enough to make a run as long as the injury bug doesn’t bite. But there is no depth and NOTHING in AAA. Health will dictate a huge part of the season next year. But they absolutely need to find some pitching. They have a 0% chance of winning 70 games next season without acquiring 5-6 pitchers this offseason and at least a couple of them working out in the starting rotation. They may need to sacrifice some bats for pitching. Ragans, Witt and Salvy are probably the only three guys who should be untouchable.

  • @Kcmatt7 Nice summary. I concur.

    It is so disappointing to see how Royals 2018 college pitching draft overhaul has worked out.

    There was so much hope that couple of guys from the likes of Singer, Kowar, Lynch, Bubic etc would become quality MLP pitchers. It is frustrating to see how Singer has regressed this year.

    Royals will need to spend money this offseason on pitching to be competitive.

  • After bad play throughout the season, Royals always end the season on a high note with a winning record in September, only raising hopes for the following season.

    Then they tank and cycle continues.

    They swept mighty Astros on their home turf who are fighting for first place finish of their own.

  • @Kcmatt7 I saw below from an article on Royals infielders and wanted to run by you, this is on Garcia

    Garcia tops American League third basemen with 12 OAA at the position – he has 14 OAA total this year adding in the innings he’s played shortstop – well ahead of the Mariners’ Eugenio Suárez (9). With Garcia, Alguacil’s main concern was his comfort level, considering it was a position Garcia had never played before. Early on, Garcia played toward the foul line and farther back in the dirt to take advantage of his tools as a shortstop.

    Recently, Garcia has started to play more towards the hole, where he can take advantage of his 8 OAA mark, going to his left side to take away hits, which leads all third basemen. The angle is different, and the throw is longer to first base, but Garcia’s max-effort arm strength is 88.3 mph, which ranks seventh among players with 100 or more throws at third.

    “When I first started playing third base I [committed] a lot of errors because I didn’t move my feet and the ball was coming too hard at me,” Garcia said. “I know guys hit harder here than in the Minor Leagues, so I learned to wait for the ball, not come in.”

  • Wow, Witt Jr made history, first Royal to hit 30 HRs and steal 30 bases.

    What a talented player, hope Royals can keep him in KC.

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