The depths of my delusions

  • Ok. Just thought I’d share what I convinced myself of in the shower today. Consider this. Kansas beat Texas earlier in the year. They play again in Austin with nothing on the line. Bill self knows Texas is a good team maybe a great team. He knows the big 12 is strong and likely to have a big 12 opponent in his bracket somewhere. What if it’s Texas? Flash forward a week. Self is in the hospital it’s KU Texas for the big 12 title. Growing evidence that Texas might be a great team. Is this the game to pull out all of the stops to beat Texas?

    I’ve decided bill self has a few adjustments in mind for Texas but just hasn’t unveiled them yet in case we run into them with something real on the line. Nothing huge. But a few tweaks that would make the Texas staff have to adjust.

    We ran so little offense in that title game and made zero defensive adjustments. It was mostly Jalen hero ball which we all know is not this teams best strategy on offense. I’ve decided those losses were not exactly purposeful but strategic decisions to make sure we had something new for when we meet Texas in the final four. How delusional is that?! Lol.

    Also, to add to the fatigue conversation I just realized I don’t think anyone brought up the emotional fatigue on the guys of having their coach in the hospital. Like I’m sure it was a bit of a boost for that first game but after that it had to be exhausting.

  • Yeah, its pretty delusional. Don’t try your hardest to win a championship today because you might face them again a month later in the final four and are saving stuff for that.

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