Let's just let this sink in about Bill shall we ?

  • Good Article from CBS - about Bill/KU.- -let this sink in. - -If we win Tuesday Night KU will at the least have a share of the Big 12 Title , which would be Bill’s 17th in 20 years here. - There is some things that really stick out as to why it could very easily be justified as to why he should be National Coach of the yr. Won’t happen but you could sure argue for it

    Think about this - -KU is what 24-5 ? -As stated earlier it would be Coach 17th Championship in 20 years , KU has 15 quad one wins- - that at this point is 5 more then any other School - - No losses outside of the Quad one. - -

    Putting this more in perspective - - KU 17 Championships in 20 yrs - - Coach K while he was at Duke - had 13 Championships in – 42 yrs , and he was widely considered the GOAT of College Basketball according to the article - -hmm - -so what does that make Bill now ? -Bill in a position to win his 17th despite losing 6 - of his top 8 scorers including 2 - - first round NBA draft picks - pretty dam hard to argue against those kind of stats when you talk about NCOY – -think about that.

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