Silver Lining Alert

  • Almost two weeks into the season and we’re STILL undefeated !!

  • Undefeated and unscored upon! Love our ‘D’.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    The SEC bias in football is amazing. I wonder how long it will take the national media to catch wind of this amazing story? It’ll prolly be November before Kirk n the boys finally bring game day to Lawrence!

  • Origin: HISN (Head Injury Sports Network–your tertiary source for football, boxing and soccer news)

    Dateline: Memorial Stadium, University of Kansas, LarryLand, Kansas, USA, Earth, Milk Way, Known Universe, Post Big Bang, Pre Big Collapse

    Slug: KU-Null Set, Bye State-Null Set

    KU head coach Charlie Weiss didn’t send his Kansas Jayhawks down to defeat against Bye State’s Fighting Nothings from Nowhere, USA. Weiss also did not reveal new Offensive Coordinator John Reagan’s spread offense designed for the run without its recently injured running backs. KU was not out blocked and out tackled and out run. KU did not lose fan support, nor did it alter its ranking. Coach Weiss did not hold court with media about the non performance. Weiss did not issue any new head injury report. Cheerleaders did not cheer, nor report shin splints. Fans did not tailgate. Students did not sneak flasks into the non game. Every one that did not come to the stadium had a great time. Non Rock Chalk!

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