Wisconsin vs LSU (Wissox)

  • Yo, Wissox, looked like your Badgers ran out of gas just before the finish line last night. I turned off the game as it looked like they were gonna do to LSU what Georgia did to Clemson (my son’s fav), and watched Hell on Wheels. Switched back occasionally to see how bad it was going to be to find out LSU battled back. Wished I stayed with it.

  • @brooksmd Hey, didn’t notice you’d written this as you didn’t tag me. I think the key was when our nosetackle got hurt at the end of the 3rd. LSU hadn’t run the ball at all, then ran wild in the fourth which helped open up the passing game. I was there and had a good time except for the fourth quarter! I just picked up my Sporting News preseason basketball issue and they have the Badgers at 3 and KU at 6. Looks like I’ll be watching a lot of hoops coming up in a couple of months!

  • @wissoxfan83 Well let me tell you, I’m prepared. I upgraded my cable service to get ESPNU, Longhorn and other sports chnls. Tivo gave me a good deal on their Roamio Plus dvr so I can record 6 different chnls. And a new Dell with i5 processor, 8g of memory and 2g video just incase I have to stream a game or two and won’t have to put up with stutter step streaming. So bring it on. lol

  • So I no longer will feel bad that I didn’t invite you over to watch the game when I have the channel and you don’t?

  • You got it. In fact if I do and you don’t my door is open.

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