I wonder if we just got swept up

  • Guys been thinking , and just an off the wall theory. Could be wrong , could be further from reality just a random thought. Could it be we just got swept up in a few games ?

    I mean when you look at it , we really haven’t dominated totally controlled anybody in conference we have won our games by like 1 - -4 -& 2 for instance - -and we have fell into a pattern we are falling into a hge hole game after game after game - - K ?State by what 13 > at half - -Oklahoma by 12 or more - -Teh TCU just beating the hell out of us. - It’s a pattern - -a bad pattern

    Maybe bottom line this is just who this team is. We could very easily have 3 more conference losses but we won narrowly. - -maybe this is just us.

    We all know -when you have 2 out of your 3 scorers who is not scoring - -limits your team pretty predictable - -our season long Problem of NO BENCH continues - . The Question becomes -who scores ? - -you have no one of the bench contributing ANYTHING. - -You got a PG that’s in a slump and now it’s in his head, turning the ball over. I realize Juan has never really been a scorer but how many points has Juan scored the last three games total ? - -Grady is starting to get gun shy - -three not falling - -Kevin. I dunnoa. Jalen can just not carry this team by himself game after game.

    I hope I’m wrong but w could very easily get beat tonight against Baylor. we just playing really bad right now, - -we have just got to get a bench production. If we keep running these 5 then we aren’t going any where in the NCAA’S. - - Let’s hope we can pull out of this.

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