This team may be my favorite ever

  • KJ has become my co-favorite player with Dajuan. Theyre just so level headed and bright, and Selfs evaluation of talent and flexibility to build the offense to suit the strengths of his players leaves me in awe.

    That is no knock on Jalen, Gradey or Kevin. Theyre also super fun to root for.

    This is the best post championship season without a doubt, and at this point in the season, might be the most fun I have ever had watching Kansas.

    Watching greatness, playing with house money, the evolution of Self, the return of 5 star talent stocking the cupboards.

    Just wow.

    How lucky are we?

  • 27-1 in our last 28. Another national championship in hand. Ranked 2nd in the nation. We lose 4 studs from last year, and new studs come in and fill in admirably. We have extended our all time win total to 9 games over Tucky, after catching them last year . We’ve routed Missourah the last 2 years. No wonder our critics are crying so much.

  • @approxinfinity I’ve said this. They are stupidly fun to watch play. And not fun to watch play stupidly. Lol.

    It is a very enjoyable group. They look like they are enjoying it a lot of the time imo also. That can’t hurt.

    I love the “book-ended '22 banners”. Took a picture of it at Saturday’s game. I’m too dumb to figure out how to load it here…

    Be even cooler if we had 2 sets of '22, '23 banners huh? Haha

  • @approxinfinity

    Extremely lucky.

    Agree this bunch has been incredible so far. Right at the top so far. I’ve been in awe of Self and the evolution of the offense with KJ at this small ball 5.

    I feel like Self is improving as a coach which is frankly scary to believe but he’s just flat out outcoaching his peers. This stretch of games we have upcoming is crazy and I’m excited to see how Self wizards us through it.

  • Luck? Or is Self just the best at what he does?

  • We have a good coach and a good point guard. Look at the last shot KU got. Look at the last shot that Iowa St got. Look how we switched defensively. It would have been lucky if Grill’s shot went in.

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