KU Sports - Oct 31: Andrew Squared

  • Two new stories:

    The first is on Andrew White III, his work ethic and elevation to rotation player. White’s work evident in, after win

    The second is an opinion piece on Andrew Wiggins and the hype he must endure. Wiggins has the tools, but the hype’s unfair

  • I have always been a fan of Andrew White. Last year he made very mature comments on waiting his turn and having to earn playtime at Kansas. He has a great family and a solid head on his shoulders. Bill Self is one heck of a recruiter, i swear he takes individuals character into account when he is looking for players for his squad.

    Pushups after the game! Midnight workouts! No wonder his guns have doubled in size since last season. Watchout Big 12 we’ve got some bench players that are going to bring it!

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