UCLA to Big 10 in 2024?

  • Per ESPN: “The UC Board of Regents approved UCLA’s move to the Big Ten in 2024 by an 11-5 vote on Wednesday.

    As part of the decision, the Bruins may have to provide a subsidy to UC Berkeley “to enhance student-athlete support on that campus.”

    More on the ESPN web site.

  • I really wish we were at a real Big 10, a real Big 8, a real Pac 10, a real ACC, a real SEC, a real Big East, etc. etc. I don’t want KU playing schools like Central Florida and Cinci.

    I don’t want to stay up til 1 AM watching the Badgers play at USC on a Monday night.

    I want KU to play Missouri twice every year in basketball and once in football.

    I want Badgers vs. Iowa, and Minnesota every year home and home in basketball and every year in football.

    I want to see the Jayhawks make Colorado’s year by them beating us once a decade and their crazy fans storm the court.

    Oklahoma’s gonna miss selling out once a year when we come to town and I’m going to miss facing Lon and his astute coaching too.

    Texas can go their own arrogant way, I could care less about them.

    I don’t want to see Maryland or Rutgers on the Big ten network at 11AM Saturday when they always play football games. They can go back to whatever league they want because they don’t belong.

    If the Big Ten ever dares again to hold a Big Ten tournament in Madison Square Garden I’ll go there and march around it 7 times like Israel marched around Jericho until it’s walls collapse.

    I really wouldn’t mind Nebraska coming back so KU can play in their amazing basketball arena, and heck, we coulda beat them in football this year!

    I feel for parents of athletes who must make sacrifices and long car trips now have to buy a plane ticket from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles to see their kid play a game when previously they only needed to hop in the car.

    How many parents of KU athletes have it in the budget to fly one week to Salt Lake City and then to Orlando the next to see their kid play? That might happen, probably will in some sport. Heck a BYU. parent better move to Kansas City if they want a central location to see their kid play on the road.

    Heck in some ways I feel for the other PAC 12 teams that lose their two marquee members from a great conference.

    Road trips for student athletes will be nightmares for USC and UCLA and BYU. It’s a 5 hour flight from NY to LA.

    I love college sports but this change to ways it’s never been before obviously have me bothered. Never even mentioned NIL and all the complexities with that.

    Where’s it all going to end up? I’m afraid to watch.

  • @wissox

    Love ya, man! You call it right down the line!

    Greed has won, but it will be costly eventually because college sports will suffer. Killing so many rivalries (whether they are huge rivalries or just traditional in-conference localized games) will be the eventual death of college sports.

    Think of it this way… pro sports are now looking better at keeping rivalries and traditions around even after their shuffling of the deck (except for a few examples).

    Speaking of examples… “Las Vegas Raiders?” Really? Talk about a lost identity. I used to go to all those Chiefs/Raiders games when the Raiders were known to be the bad boys of the league and Oakland was a frightening location.

    All of these shifts and trashing of identities, rivalries, traditions goes against human nature. Man was built as a vindictive creature… sports was such a great outlet for releasing all those pressures… for example… that nasty boss you can never retaliate against! No problem… you go back to work on Monday with a smile on your face because the Chiefs just beat the cr@p out of the Raiders when they were bad boys and cheap-shotting your star receivers.

  • Connecting the dots here…

    School mass shootings relate to our youth not interested in sports.

    How many of these school mass shootings turn out to be former students of that school and they seem to be living out a vendetta?

    I know I’m reaching here… but maybe we have less young people taking this kind of action if they are playing less video killing games and participating more in sports and having sports as a release for frustration pressures.

  • @drgnslayr Phones have increasingly made kids loners as well.

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