OK guys I know it's ladies but gotta thump the chest

  • MY GOD , our Lady Jayhawks went on the road to play # 12 Arizona - -a undefeaed Arizona , a Arizona team averaging 88 points a game and our Ladies just kicked their ass in every phase of the game winning 77- 50.

    Arizona jumped out 9-2 after that , every phase KU -Our 6’6 Center had a hay day 19 points & 15 rebounds - -Prather had 19 points and 12 --12 from the line - -Just destroyed Arizona on the boards— We was right out the top 25 - you can take it to the bank WERE gonna be ranked next week. - -Unbelievable performance by our Lady Jayhawks now 8 – 0 on the year.

    !st time KU Women has beaten a top 25 non Con since 2014- - - 1st time KU has beaten a ranked non con on the road since 2013. - -People a 27 point win at their house Ranked 12th in the Nation - - so proud of the Ladies - - -ROCK CHALK BABY

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