Still very early predictions for KUCMB W-L total this season

  • Gosh, this summer, not unlike summers past, is seeming to move too slowly at times. Especially when the college basketball season is thought about. I know late night is in early October now but we still have 2 months and change until the first game of the season.
    As to my thoughts of how KU will do this time…I’m betting they break 30 wins. Kentucky is going to be a tough tough game. That team is double stacked. But if KU can beat Kentucky I think it would bode well for the rest of the season.

  • @Lulufulu85 Nothing wrong with an early loss to a stacked team-unless it is UK.

    Early win vs Dookies last year may have given that young of a team a false sense of security in their own abilities. I still think if we don’t loose JoJo for the dance, we at minimum make the FF.

    Goin’ waaaaaaaaay out on the limb with a 36 W season because without key injuries I think we’re back to the FF once again. I am also including the 6 wins in the dance to cut down the nets once again. I’m also picking another Self-Cal final with the same results. Holy squid lips Cal, not again !!

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