OK can we talk about Iowa State game day Saturday.

  • Well , what’s your feel guys , what’s you gut telling you about the game Saturday. - -Sounds like approaching a sell out again - So tell me.

    Read several interesting of ISU boards. Heard Coach Campbell preview KU , I’ll say this gonna be a hard test I know that. - - Micheal Swain who is up on the phog , use to cover ISU - -he was asked on the local sports talk show here what his prediction is and he thinks this will be KU’S 1st loss - - close but a loss - -saying he thinks that in the end that they will probably make us more 1 deminsonal( sorry for the spelling ) , talks about the CB’S on defense being really good. - - Got a pretty stout run defense - ranked 14th Nationally against the run. Campbell of course spoke pretty highly of KU and the different game day atmosphere this year

    Couple of things here : ISU - QB completing 71.6 % of his passes ranks 3rd in the Conference , thrown for 1,029 yards --BUT I think here might be a couple of things to keep our eyes on - – Dekkers has thrown 10 TD"S BUT also has thrown 5 interceptions - - -AND has been sacked 7 times.

    JUalen is 6th in the Confrence completing 71 % of his passes and has thrown for 890 yards but a lot less attempts , so keep that in mind when coming to yardage. - -11 TD’S BUT only 1 Interception and only sacked once.

    ISU RB Jirehi Brock is 5th in the league running - 64 rush’s for 353 yards and a 5.5 per rush and has 2 TD’S - - KU’S stable of backs Jalen is 6th in the league 38 attempts for 320 yards -8.4 per rush - & 4 TD’s - - Neal is 10th - -with 37 attempts a- and 258 - -for a 7.0 per rush - - then HiShaw - is 12th and has 36 attempts for 231 yards- - - -and a 6.4 per – & 4 TD’S

    You notice things here guys ? - -you see the balance in KU’S running game ? - - Daniel’s38 rush’s – -Neal 37 rush’s-- HiShaw 36 rush’s ? - -pretty dam balanced. - -Brock is the only back for ISU that is anywhere in the picture.

    Like I said ISU DOES have a stout run defense - -BUT like some of their own fans have mentioned - -you have to remember that they have played SE Missouri State & Iowa - -so we by far will be the most serious running attack they have seen - -For me - -ONCE again I think a lot of this game will be determined by how well our O-Line stands up against their D-Line. Can the line create some holes for our backs - -we gotta move them off the line.

    They were saying if we can get enough pressure on Dekkers - - make him think more then better chance of forcing a TO - - ISU leading the league in take aways - -so ball security is a priority. Jalen gonna have to make smart decisions against these CB’S and not throw INT.

    In the end I just think we still find a way to get the W. - -Not gonna be easy - by far the toughest game - -ISU really good defense - -thinking like 38-31 - -I just think this offense we got is gonna move the ball on most the teams in the league.

    So let me hear your thoughts - -concerns ? - -what ya think ? - -5 - -0 ? – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Kinda crazy , reading off Iowa State boards. Fans from there seem to think it’s al about Jalen , which don’t get me wrong yes he plays a very big part- - - - BUT people seem to be forgetting about Devin - - -Daniel - - Sevion - - -Grimm - - -Skinner - - -Casey - – Phelps - - Grant - - Logan & others.

    They feeling pretty confident in themselves. - -Guess thats why the put the pigskin out on the field and let the best team win , the game is more then just ONE player - Jalen has to have a line to block/protect him - -Jalen has to have capable people to throw to - -Jalen has to have capable people to hand off to. -Jalen is the key - -BUT these others ARE THE PIECES to the key

    It’s ok let them continue to throw shade - come Saturday let’s see where the Sun shines the brightest. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Found out some interesting things on Jalen. - - in 2020 Jalen had the worst QBR in P-5 - this year # 1 in the country at 98 - - QBR goes to 100.

    Jalen in 2020 release time throwing the ball was 2.73 - -now his release is 2.29 fastest release rate in P-5 according to PFF --could be a huge reason not getting sacked.

    Jalens 9.6 per pass att is 14th Nationally - -yes sir that’s our Jalen

  • Iowa State is the litmus test for this program.

    We got stomped last year. I’m sure the guys remember that. But now they have to go out and change the narrative. It’s a huge opportunity. But it’s also a huge challenge.

    ISU has been legitimately good and getting better over the last several years. We’ve gotten better over the last year. This game will reveal KU’s growth rate and scale of growth. If we beat ISU, we’ve done in one year what it took them 3+ years to do. That is a curve you have to love, because if you follow that trajectory over three years, we are in rarified air.

  • So has anyone heard anything on how we are doing on ticket sales for ISU ?

  • @jayballer67 officially sold out as of about 8:10 tonight

  • @Woodrow said in OK can we talk about Iowa State game day Saturday.:

    @jayballer67 officially sold out as of about 8:10 tonight

    GREAT NEWS. I know there was scuttle butt about possibly not, nothing verified I guess people were crying about the price of tickets , concessions and such

    Rreally glad to hear. - Little interesting fact , ISU favored by 3 - - Matt Campbell is 5-13 when the spread is like this- - -hope that continues in this toss up game

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