Any Non-American football commentators?

  • You know what i just realized, I’ve never heard an american football commentator with a british accent (my ears deceived me for a sec). Id bet the prejudice would be strong against a Brit who just wants to commentate american football. Never heard any non american accent for that matter.

  • Can’t think of one. Wonder if those NFL games from London have had any.

    It seems like other sports are more open to non-native voices behind the mic. Up in Canada, CBC has a couple of guys that call hockey games in Punjabi for their South Asian immigrant audience. And the Seattle Mariners have had an Australian on their pre- and postgame coverage for years. (Though in fairness, he used to pitch for the club.)

  • @nwhawkfan thats cool! Having watched a lot of soccer the last few years, Ive heard all sorts of accents. Its fun, I like the feeling of global unity implicit in being a soccer fan.

  • If you’re curious about the color commentator/broadcaster from today’s KU-Houston game (Mason Hutson), we were trying to figure out his accent, and he was from Georgia. The U.S. state.

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