Kansas football team expects offense, defense to look different in Year 2

  • The addition of the transfer running backs was definitely a sign. Also, Kotelnicki has had a DYNAMIC running attack at both programs he’s been the OC. Like 250ish yards per game kind of attack on the ground. Even the 10-win year and they had Tyree Jackson at QB they ran for almost 194 yards/gm. With 3 guys getting 80+ carries.

    I expect a nice balanced attack where we don’t ask too much of Jalon and are able to keep the clock moving. I think you’ll see a jump in PPG this season for sure.

    The real key though is the defense just cannot be the 129th out of 130th defense. 42PPG given up is not going to get it done.

    The 2016 Buffalo season was eerily similar to that of the 2021 Jayhawks season. Giving up 250 ypg on the ground. Offense couldn’t score.

    The 2017 Buffalo season they bounced back. Went from the 126th scoring offense to the 63rd. And went from the 95th ranked scoring D to the 49th ranked. They still gave up almost 200 YPG on the ground, but it was still a drastic improvement.

    I’m expecting a similar leap for us this season. Vegas has us at 2.5 wins and to put my money where my mouth is, I did put $100 on the over.

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