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  • I saw on ESPN a little series they’re doing to fill the summer void called what if… With the risk of plagiarizing ESPN and being sued by the Eastern Sports Programming Network I’ll introduce a couple of KU related What Ifs.

    What if Bill Self wasn’t interested in the KU job…?

    What if Mark Mangino hadn’t lost his cool…?

    What if Mario’s shot hadn’t gone in…? (try to avoid the obvious here that we would have lost that game!)

  • @wissoxfan83

    1. He would have been an idiot.

    2. Not sure Mangino lost his cool as much as Perkins had a hard-on for him. (Can I say that? If not, someone edit it for me please)

    3. We would only have 4 NC’s and still have 10 straight CC’s.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @approxinfinity - lol, I forgot Big Brother Santa was watching. That’s as risque as I’ll get. For now.

  • @nuleafjhawk 🙂 no worries.

  • LOL Nuleaf, you always have a fresh perspective!

    Perkins was a fool for running him out of town it seems. When Mark was coach I didn’t have to feel guilty about making bad jokes about our football team and I actually watched quite a few games with excitement. I wish he was still here, but I also didn’t anticipate the drastic fall off we’ve had either.

  • @wissoxfan83 I was very enthused about going to the bowl games, especially the ORANGE, but I’d be lying if I said that I was wild about Mangino at the time. I guess a few seasons of 1 or 2 wins each has made him a much better coach in my eyes.

    I always liked what I knew of his personality. He was witty and had a good sense of humor; both things I appreciate.

    Since he’s been gone, I’ve found myself following what’s going on with him and I always wish him well. I hope he has great success at ISU (except when they play us of course!). Hopefully he’ll be back as a head coach somewhere soon.

    Oh, and I hope Lew Perkins has a permanent case of irritable bowel syndrome. And jock itch.

    1. Imagine world with Fizzou with 10 straight titles and a ring!!! 😱

    2. Imagine a world in which Mangino got the Al Roker surgery and some AM therapy and KU was a perennial power.

    3. Imagine Memphis having vacated a ring, too!

  • @wissoxfan83

    “I wish he was still here, but I also didn’t anticipate the drastic fall off we’ve had either.”

    At the time when Mangino left I felt like we would finally turn the corner on bad football. He was the spark we needed to get started.

    Then I think Gill was probably the most-disastrous hire in college football.

    I just Wiki’d Gill to see where he’s at. Liberty. His overall record as a head coach is 39-58. That kind of record shows that a coach moved up way too aggressively in the ranks. He is currently at the right level… Liberty, where he’s producing some winning football.

    There is a slight difference between the Big 12 and the Big South!

    Imagine Bill wasn’t interested in KU? And then imagine we made the same kind of goof hiring in basketball as we did in football after Mangino!

    I can’t even think about it without urping in my mouth!

  • Here is a new “what if” not necessarily related to basketball, but I guess someday it will probably be relative.

    What if an athlete strips (or partially strips) during play?

    topless runner

  • JB, but Mizzou would still not have even a final four

    I’m still trying to figure out if Mangino caught lightning in a bottle with some nifty recruits and that made him look good. I think I remember that his last season had begun to turn pretty sour, a long losing streak in the league games.

    Had we lost to Memphis, I’m sure there’d be naysayers nationally. We’d be hearing KU is really a good solid program but not good enough to win it all. Does it begin to effect recruiting? I think it might.

  • @drgnslayr Depending on the gender of the runner, it will either remain irrelevant, or it will become the most popular spectator/TV viewing sport in the history of the world.

  • @wissoxfan83 Fan: No doubt MM caught lightning in a bottle with some good recruits. Don’t forget, though, that season, the team started 5-0, before Perkins started his witch hunt to get Mangino; from way out where I sat, it seems the team divided, and it would have been an incredible coaching job to have pulled them back together. (I also wondered what part the FB-BB fight may have played.) No doubt, those on the team who were against the coach would not have wanted him to finish with a bowl game, and Perkins appears to have lacked the spine to fire outright the most successful coach at KU in many years. For the AD to have sacrificed the program (which he did) in order to avoid a tough decision, is to me unforgiveable. Perkins may have engineered our appearance in the Orange Bowl (otherwise,we’d have appeared in the Cotton Bowl) but I think he deserved to go before he did.

  • @EdwordL you have that exactly right!!!

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