Went to the worst weather game in history

  • I had the day off yesterday so Tuesday afternoon I looked at Stubhub and saw Cubs-Sox in Wrigley for only 10 bucks which is unheard of for any Cub game let alone Cubs-Sox. Getting home late Tuesday night was really no problem

    Maybe they were the 25 MPH north winds with drizzle blasting the stands that made the prices so low? 44 degree game time temps which made the windchill in low 30’s? It was cold, it was wet, it was windy. I went and had a blast as the Sox pitching was great.

    Sox have set a dubious record. They’ve played 18 of their 23 games in temps below 55 at game time. I have no clue why anyone would keep track of such things but someone does. This spring is setting numerous records around here for misery, coldest, wettest, cloudiest, etc. A dearth of beautiful spring days is leading to mid 80’s next week, so I guess summer will start then, and I’m glad for it, but it’s really nice to have some days in the upper 60s/lower 70s for a week or two to ease into things.

  • $10? Aftermarket tix?

  • @Gorilla72 Yes definitely. Last night was cold too, but with clear skies and the lowest were about 20 so the spray in the sky was really a negative for a lot of people.

  • @wissox - but…. Wrigley! 🤩

  • @Gorilla72 It’s a draw for sure, but it was really brutal.

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