Drgnslayr's 2022 Jayhawk Chip Award

  • Since we are still handing out awards… I figure no one is more than entitled to handout this award than me, because I have tortured everyone in here with my chip rants for years now! lol

    Drgnslayr’s 2022 Jayhawk Chip Award

    Winner: Bill Self

    No one had more to deal with on a personal level this past year than Bill Self. He stayed disciplined and focused during and after the passing of his father. His poise remains off the charts. Congratulations, Bill… for a great season and winning the 1st annual award!

    1st Runner-up: Ochai Agbaji

    Och certainly had something to prove this year. And as the attention continued to climb for him throughout the year, the pressure grew with it. Critics often expressed concern about his level of play. When it was all said and done, and KU took the grand prize, it is hard to look back and NOT notice everything he did for this team, including maintaining composure no matter what the situation was.

    2nd Runner-up: David McCormack

    David had to play with pain all year long. We would often forget about his bad wheel because he didn’t complain or show he was in pain very often. But the truth… he played most games with considerable pain. After facing a year of criticism, David shined in March and most people began to recognize we were a different team when David was on the floor. His heroic plays at the end of the championship game “sealed the deal” for another Jayhawk championship.

    1st Honorable mention: Jalen Wilson

    Jalen had something to prove all year long. He fought back from his off-court antics early on to become a starter and invaluable piece of this championship team. No one fought harder for rebounds and extra possessions than Jalen.

    2nd Honorable mention: Remy Martin

    Remy’s early-season injury kept him on the sidelines. Yet, he continued to believe in himself and his team, by becoming the team cheerleader. And when he came back he was everything ever advertised about.

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