Our Big 12 Expansion

  • Well read this from three different articles this morning , one from Blair Kerkoff , then another from Longhorn Wire - -Patrick Conn and then another writer.

    So it looks like this upcoming School yr will be the last year of our current Big 12 status. - Looks like now that the 4 new teams will be joining and participating in 2023/24. BYU , Houston , Central Florida & Cinn Says we will be playing with a 14 team Conference for a Couple of years - until Oklahoma & Texas leave for the SEC. Texas has their money , but is said waiting for Oklahoma to come up with theirs for their departure.

    We would be playing a Division Schedule in football , BUT would not play a complete round robin in Basketball. -

    CBS offered a projected division setup t one would have : K/State - -KU - -Iowa State - -Okla - - Okla St - - BYU - -& Cincinnati The Other would be : - -Baylor - - TCU - - Tex Tech - - Texas - -WV - - Houston - - & Central Florida

    Patrick Conn wrote off the Longhorn wire that we would have a likely 9 game Conference Schedule & 3 non Con games. - -They would also have Rotating cross Division matchups

    So I guess it’s all about to begin , I do not think though if these schools start next year- -I just think that Texa and Oklahoma will use their early buyout and move to join the SEC next year could be wrong but I think with these schools joining next year i think it will be enough where Texas and Oklahoma get out

  • Can we have a round robin if they leave? The better bb teams are in the south.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Our Big 12 Expansion:

    Can we have a round robin if they leave? The better bb teams are in the south.

    I’m not sure , they didn’t mention anything about it, but I don’t know why not , didn’t w have a round robin before when we use to have 12 teams some time ago ?

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