Wiggins to Minnesota. Opinion and B/R link

  • Link to Wiggins story…

    Hope that link works. If it does not, go check the article out on Bleacher Report. Its a good read.
    On that same topic, at first I was of the opinion that Andrew should have been able to stay in Cleveland and work with the best player in the league right now. He would have been able to follow LeBron and pick his brain for many seasons, learning all kinds of stuff to make him a better player down the road. But after some thought and reading other articles about opinions to the contrary, I think Andrew could also benefit from going to Minnesota and having his own team to build upon, learn and grow with, mature as a player on his own as the corner stone of that team. Not too dissimilar from Steph Curry or John Wall.
    There is no doubt to me that Wiggins will be an All Star, a many time All Star. It just remains to be seen how quickly he can get there and I think having his own team to be the lead guy on could help him get there quicker. It will force him to be The Man and not take a back seat approach to LeBron James in Cleveland. Had Wiggs stayed in Cleveland, and I say this like its already happened, he would be the 4th option on offense. He would have a harder time getting rookie of the year that way. He would also have a harder time growing into his own that way. I’m excited for him to get shipped to The Timberwolves now. I think it could be a great opportunity for him.[link text]([link url]([link url](link url)))

  • Lebron doesn’t win championships without former Jayhawks on the team, I think we’ve proved that, so Cleveland made a big mistake.

    I was pulling for Cleveland to win with Wiggins alongside Lebron, but not anymore! I wish Wiggins well.

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