Pierson still out, Heeney ready to go

  • Bums me out about Pierson, but the fact that he was getting dizzy before he even got hit is sort of terrifying. Hopefully they have a crack squad of specialists all over that noggin.

    Can’t wait to see Heeney chasing down ball carriers. Oh, wait. I won’t get to see it !! Filth, flarn, filth !!

  • Concussions are truly unforgiving and unfortunately the only treatment is rest - and sometimes extended rest (like months.) It will also be something that he will be more prone to in the future. The unpopular answer for the best long term mental/neurologic health: anyone with lingering/recurrent concussion symptoms should not play again. Period.

    Such is the big picture problem with this game that we love and why I will steer my son towards another sport.

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