OK , so I have a confession

  • OK , so I’m going to man up - -not to proud , I was wrong - – dead wrong, and willing to eat that crow. I’m sorry but from various times throughout the Season and times even in late Season did I ever think that our guys would be in the National Championship game. - -I just thought to many things that would play against us in this # 1-Scoring droughts , extended amounts of time dry as a bone nada anyone remember the what 9:15 second one ? # 2 - -Inconsistency , just didn’t see solid complete games # 3 - to loose with our ball handling /turnovers - # 4 our defense getting beat constantly on straight line drives soo you throw those all together and I’m thinking chances are we might hit a sweet sixteen tops -Boy was I WRONG. –

    Our defense improving constantly getting better - - Taking better care of the ball and most of all you know what ? - - - I just have come to realize that this group just doesn’t seem to get rattle no matter what the circumstance/conditions are -like Jalen said and true , this group has just about seen it all - -been through what ever kind of condition/scenario there is. Just something about this group of guys. I think we can credit out big 12 opponentts with some of the really tough defense we have faced - just don’t think there are any tougher so we are experience having to really work for a score and we have accomplished that. Just seems to me we have that right blend/mix of guys - - we got some experience- -we have a true legit All American Scorer and we have really good complimentary players to that Scorer - -EVERYONE has a role - -EVEYONE knows that role. Ku has some many guys that can score enough at different times - -We have a legit rebounder with with Jalen & Dave at times - - Christan is a good rebounder for his spot - YES I WAS WRONG and have my plate ready for the crow. - -Now the question is - - Is there others that can and wil admit that this group has wwent further then what they thought would be the case ? - Is there honestly or just woofers -If I can admit it - - You can admit it. - -Let’s just win the whole ddam thing

  • @jayballer67

    You have shown you don’t miss much and paid attention all year. All the things you noticed about the issues that have been a concern and the positives with this team I have whined about in this venue. Thanks for putting a human face on things and making myself take a pensive look in the mirror and maybe others will do the same.

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