Ku and Villanova misc before meet

  • Just browsing and ran across some things some stats. Pretty easy to see what needs to be done. Obvious we are going to have to defend and defend well the 3 pt line, it shows that Villanova’s offense largely comes from the 3 pt - - 46.1 of Villanova’s total fg comes from the 3. - - They averaging putting up right at 26 - - -3 pt shots per game and they shoot at a 35 % clip. - They DON’T however do that well inside the arc. Inside the Arc Villanova ranks 171st in the Nation shooting % A plus for KU is that KU it states defends the 3 pretty decent hold teams to 29.6 % which is good for 18th in the Nation. - -Of Course Gillespie is their main shooting and hits very well 40.9 from the 3.

    Villanova very experienced - they have 3 fifth yr Seniors starting and a Red shirt Soph. - -Balanced Scoring - -15.6 - - 11.1 - - 10.2 - - -& 10.2. - - -Not real strong on the boards at 35 per and not that big but play bigger then their size

    Oh ONE other thing - - - Every time KU and Villanova has played one another in this tournament - - -the winner of this game has went on to win the National Title. - - GO HAWKS

  • Some things I picked up off the Villanova Pod cast today : - - They really think KU is being under rated - -over looked with this whole UNC /Duke thing going on - -saying the 2nd half KU against Miami was the REAL KU. -Talking about how KU really is only playing 7 players - -turning into Guard U.

    Talked about according to Ken Pom - -KU is ranked 7th and defensively 18 th - 61st in tempo - talking about how balanced KU is, - One note they brought up was on Remy saying the last time they played Remy he was held to 5 points , - - talking about how gonna have to be really big defensive assignment against Remy - - They think Slater will guard Oachi - -talking about how it’s a difficult match up against KU noting KU having really long really big wings.

    They predicted that Villanova will probably have to have 37 plus minutes out of 4 players, they also think they will take Dave out of the game - They think Dixon will have a big game - - they think Gillispie will have a big game taking advantage of match up against Juan OR Remy posting up low thinking Gillispie will go off - -they said they think you will see Gillispie hit the shot with under 3 minutes to go

    Another thing that they think which is huge in the game. – Villanova in the tourney is shooting 90 % from the free throw line - -KU - - 67 % - -they said they keep KU under 70 – - they win.- - – They said they FOR SURE have to control tempo - saying you will see a ot of 5 and under shots probably will run tempo slow as ever Villanova wants to limit possessions - -Talking about how they are rally gonna miss more defensively then anything else

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