I don't know , something about this team

  • Well just here thinking about the weekend. -Could be just me, and I know I shouldn’t get the cart before the horses but it’s hard guys. We have been given a great chance /path to the final four. Now true we have to play solid ball and take game at a time BUT – there just seems to be something about this team. Some things to chew over first - this team has a nice blend , we have EXPERIENCE , we have Oachi & Dave as Senior leaders, and we have a lil youth that can give spot minutes Zach & KJ. - We have some decent play from the Portal that gives us EXPERIENCE and some SCORING – ( REMY & JC ) - - So glad that Remy is finally healthy, gives us another scorer & you just don’t know what Lands is gonna give , but the possibility of him giving you crucial scores is always there --another 3 pt threat. - - We have SPEED - -with Juan & Remy constant and others such as JOE a few times - -we have SPEED. - - We have ENERGY love Remy you can tell how much he loves the game & has said so , how much he loves playing at KU.

    We SHOOT the ball well - -We REBOUND decently - - REMY is infectious ENERGY wise both Christan & Jalen mentioned this. - - This team has been in just about every type situation and like Jalen said - they really don’t panic - - this team has been like mentioned we have been down 16 at half - - we have been up 10 at half at Baylor - -we have been in many many close games.

    I love the make up of this team was mentioned in an interview they were mentioning our 3 guard/wings - - long - - and like they said doesn’t matter who scores - -got great team CHEMISTRY -WE have MULTIPLE SCORERS , you just don’t know who it’s gonna be , opposition really can’t afford to key on one player. - -You key on Oach – Christan & Jalen may light you up - - You key on Christan - - Jalen & Oach may light you up - - You key on Jalen it might be Oach and even Dave get after you - -

    Just got this feeling in my gut - this team has more games coming - - deep deep in the tourney seems like all the components are there. - We can throw so many combinations at the opposition I like this feel guys - not gonna get that bold yet - - BUT don’t be that surprised. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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