Well kinda sports related/ maybe not lol

  • Well ran across this had to chuckle a little , just thought I’d toss this out /chuckle. This was written by Sarah Motter AP release - - - I guess of all things as the article said with March Madness tipping off Time 2 Play. com says it conducted a survey of nearly 1500 NCAA basketball fans who voted for top mascots of schools.

    So these fans that voted for the best Mascots voted Big Jay as one of the best College Mascots. , they voted Big Jay as a top Mascot in College Hoops. Overall KU’s Big Jay was ranked 10th. - -They fell behind : Oregon’s the Duck - - Michigan State’s Sparty - - - George Town’s Jack the Bulldog - - - North Carolina’s Ramses - - - Texas Hook’ em - - UCLA’s Joe Bruin - - Florida’s Albert Aligator - - -U Conn’s Jonathan the Husky - - & Louisville’s Louie - - -

    Way to go Big Jay. - -Now here is kinda of the chuckly part, not sure why they felt reason to include so - - -so will i they said Mainwhile ( you ready ) - they said Mainwhile Kansas State University’s Willie the Wildcat was considered one of the WORST by the Survey roflmao , - -Poor ol Willie came in 65th place lol - -Dam that poor school just can’t catch ANY break lmao-- just found it kind of funny . - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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