This right here!

  • The Baylor smash showed what our success looks like.

    It’s about bringing hustle and a smile. Everything else fell into place. And when they don’t bring this to the game, everything else gets exposed and we focus on all that other stuff when it really came down to just bringing energy to the game.

    I’m done. RCJH!

  • Texas assessment:

    Good -

    1. We brought a decent level of toughness.

    2. Jalen let us know he is definitely back.

    3. Big Mac also played a good game.

    4. Joseph still on an uptick.

    Bad -

    1. Our defense let up considerably from the Baylor game.

    2. Free throw shooting % down… costly.

    3. Didn’t close out the game well.

    4. First half too many TOs.

    This game could have been worse. I still see an overall uptick in our team performance in key areas on both sides of the ball.

    We can point to individual areas but if the same team showed up in this game that showed up in the Baylor game, we would have enjoyed a similar outcome… a Texas beatdown!

    The team that hustles most wins.

  • @drgnslayr I was afraid of a letdown after the Baylor win. This might be the most physical game I’ve seen since the old Huggy full court pressure teams. Here’s the good news: Our schedule over the next 4 games is so much easier, it’s ridiculous. There’s a real good chance we’re going into the Baylor game at 12-2 in conference.

  • @drgnslayr I would add to the good that this team can score even against good defense and still was able to instill some sort of pace to the game even without a lot of transition buckets. Also, doubling up on that toughness comment. We’ve had teams in the past that would have shied away from that physicality and been bullied out of the arena.

    I would add to the bad, Dave looked VERY injured at the end of that game. It looked to be a foot or leg thing.

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